Developer, Programmer and Designer

With a sound knowledge of several programming languages, I have designed and developed several Desktop Applications in C and C++. I have a good experience in Web Designing and Development. I am comfortable in scripting and coding in following languages :


Website Design

High Quality Responsive Websites

Having the experience of developing several websites over a short period of time, I have aquired a sound knowledge of designing websites with HTML and CSS and make fully responsive on mobile devices with the help of Bootstrap framework. I can handle the back end development with PHP.

Android Apps

Top Rated Android Apps

With the growing popularity of android OS, developing android apps for users to inteact with your business is very necessary in today's world. I am currently workimg to learn android app development and will soon be able to build android applications for bussinesses.

Desktop Apps

Quality Desktop Software

With a good gasp of C language and C++ programming languages, I can develop desktop applications (hopefully) .With a good gasp of C language and C++ programming languages , I can develop desktop applications (hopefully).

Me as a Youtuber

I have been doing youtube videos about various topics related to latest technological buzz in the tech industry. I also make videos on programming languages and HTML. Further, i also make how to's videos.